Saturday, April 26, 2008
Hi friends! Hope you guys are having a rocking time this weekend. I just wanted to remind you that Kiss Day is right after the weekend and if you want to have a blast on Kiss Day, you must touch up your plans now. Think about a romantic getaway and it will also help you to drive away the Monday morning blues. Whisk away your beloved to some idyllic spot and have the most precious quality time.

If you have to stay away from your beloved due to work or any other engagement, click away on these Kiss Day cards and reach out your warm greetings to your partner.

Sealed With A Kiss! Make your sweetheart feel special with this lovely ecard.

Hot And Sweet Kisses! Send a virtual kiss to your sweetheart, with this ecard.

Types Of Kisses! Baby kisses or the really long ones. You want them all. Why not say it with this ecard?

First Kiss! You still remember that first kiss.

I Love You! Of course you love him/her. Say it again with this ecard.

On My Lips! You want him/her right on your lips. Express your desire with this ecard.

When Kisses Feel Heavenly! Make your sweetheart feel special with this ecard.

Your Kisses... Tell your sweetheart how his/her kisses intoxicate your senses.


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posted by Dave Richards at Saturday, April 26, 2008 |