Thursday, April 24, 2008
April 23 was Secretary's Day or Administrative Professionals Day as we all know. And I got reminded suddenly that I forgot wishing Laura. As I mentioned earlier, she is the receptionist at the hotel where I play. Throughout the year her hard work is overlooked, and people tend to forget that she needs to be greeted back Good Morning. I called her late to wish her belated Happy Secretary's Day. It was 1 am at night, right after I finished playing for a private party.
Before I could finish wishing her she started narrating what happened throughout the day. She was too excited and happy. Yesterday, other hotel staffs(including the managers) made an effort to make her feel special. She was not the only one pampered though; all the other Administrative Professionals working at the hotel too were included. But I don't know the others as well as her, off course. She said that she was given a pack of goodies, a beautiful orchid bouquet and there was a special party for them after work. She was overjoyed, I could imagine her smiling face over the phone. I once again wished her Happy Belated Secretary's Day before hanging up. After the call was over, i thought Laura must be a real simple gal. Just some small gesture of appreciation brightened her up. I was so happy for her. Wish she retains this smile throughout the year.
I am also sending her this card on Belated Secretary's Day. I reminded her to check her mail inbox, so that she doesn't miss it. Send this card to all Administrative Professionals you know and appreciate them.

You... Simply The Best! Tell your colleagues/friends on Admin Pro Day how much they are appreciated with this cute li'l jig.

You've Got Mail! Make your colleagues/friends feel special on Admin Pro Day with this warm note of Appreciation.

You Are Appreciated... Every Day! Appreciate the hard work of your colleagues/friends with this cute ecard.

You Deserve It! Send a Thank You note and appreciate all the hard work Admin Pros do!

One Who Makes Everything Right! Send this cute and funny ecard to appreciate the efficiency of your admin assistant/colleagues.

Work Is A Pleasure With You... Reach out to all the Admin Pros you know with this warm and beautiful note of Appreciation.

Quite A Perk! Send this elegant and smart ecard to express how much you enjoy working with your co-worker who is also an admin assistant.

Have A Great Day! Fashion a great Admin Pro wish and send it across. It will bring a smile to her face... guaranteed!


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