Friday, April 11, 2008
Administrative Professional Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April. Administrative Professional Day 2008, would be on April 23. Administrative Professional Day 2007 was on April 25, according to my cell phone calendar. All the departments like marketing, public relations, accounts, and just about every department is considered important and are sophisticated and indispensable units of an organization. But somehow, people tend to not notice the hard work of a secretary or a receptionist, assistants, and other supporting staff. I am getting reminded of Laura, she is the receptionist at the hotel where I play. While the visitors do notice her, but the management seems to ignore her completely. The day she fell sick suddenly, they realized her worth. Without me the DJ the hotel manages by playing some music CD s. But how can you get hold of a receptionist or someone alike, if suddenly they fall sick. Anyway, hats off to all you Administrative Professional everywhere. Hope Laura will read this. Readers..., your comments are most welcome.
Here are some greetings free ecards for Administrative professionals day. Send these cards to all administrative professionals to appreciate their hard work throughout the year, and also to non administrative professionals to wish them Happy Administrative Professionals Day.

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