Monday, March 31, 2008

Ideas For Pranks On Your Sweetheart

Are you looking for great way to play April Fools Day tricks on your loved ones? Well, if you are ready to take the risk , then you can scare your love saying that you want to break up with him or her. But make up later. If that is too much for you, then just fool her or him by saying you are sick or may be send this April Fools Day card right below.

Tulips! Send a riddle and flirt with your sweetie... at the same time!

Click For A Sneak Peek! Play a li'l prank on your sweetheart with this cute ecard.

Ape-solutely Funny! Pull a fast one on your sweetheart and wish Happy April Fools' Day!

Cool, Irresistible! Serve up a fun April Fools' wish for your sweetheart.

April Fools Day pranks for kids, Ideas For Pranks For brothers and sisters

If you have a kids, or have a young brother or sister in school, you could fool them by saying that their school principal had called up home yesterday and is really mad at him or her for some reason. Have fun while you see the little one really scared on this April Fool Day, but do make up with a bar of chocolate later.

A Fabulous Discount Coupon... A smart ecard to play a prank on your family members on April Fools' Day.

A Treasure For You! Wish your family members a million dollar smile with this cute ecard.

Strike The Odd One! A hilarious but harmless prank, we guarantee your family will laugh at!

Check Out The Chicks... Send this ecard to your bro/cousin and fool him with this special dance arranged by you.

Ideas For Pranks – Pranks Your Friends.

People at office can be fooled by the following cards that are real good April Fools day pranks and April Fools Day tricks .And for your family members, ask them to check their mail box, and that you have something special for them there. Let them have some laugh, when they realized they have been fooled by the April Fools day tricks through these April Fools Day cards.
Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Let your friends click on this special mirror and have a look at themselves on April Fools' Day.

Choose The Type Of Look You Want! Wish your friends a day 'fool' of fun!
Priceless Friendship! Pull a fast one on your friend and celebrate your friendship!
Cool, Smart, Brainy! Pull your friend's leg with this funny ecard.

Key To A Great Day! Wish your friend an ape-solutely funny April Fools' Day!
Ape-solutely Perfect Reflection! Share a fun friendship message with your friend!


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